Valle del Ambroz

The magical Ambroz Valley, a place of contrasts in the north of Extremadura

The Ambroz valley is a small region in the north of Extremadura containing 8 villages that visitors will fall in love with: Abadía, Aldeanueva del Camino, Baños de Montemayor, Casas del Monte, La Garganta, Gargantilla, Hervás and Segura de Toro. A natural treasure trove of contrasting landscapes, with mountains over 2,000 metres high, large chestnut forests, lush holm oak pastures, gorges, rivers, and a rich historical heritage.

80% of the land in the Ambroz Valley is under some form of environmental protection, with the Natura 2000 Network and Unique Tree protected areas particularly worthy of mention. It is home to magical places in its abundant flora, such as the Arroyo del Temblar stream – a collection of chestnut trees between 500 and 800 years old – numerous waterfalls like La Chorrera, natural pools such as those at Casas del Monte or Abadía, and ancient Roman thermal baths like the Baños de Montemayor spas. There is also the rich historical heritage of the region, reflected in the millennia-old routes made by the Romans and Celts, such as the Vía de la Plata (Silver route) or places such as the Templar castle of Segura de Toro, the Jewish quarter of Hervás, and the Renaissance palace of Sotofermoso.

Plus there are a number of high-quality accommodation and restaurants available, offering local cuisine with several establishments recommended by the Michelin guide, and a wide range of leisure activities.

Type of protected area

Natura 2000 network

  • SPA Gabriel y Galán reservoir
  • SAC Granadillas
  • SAC Sierra de Gredos and Jerte Valley

Unique Trees

  • Birch tree of Puerto de Honduras
  • Cork oak tree of La Fresneda
  • Chestnut tree of El Temblar
  • Chestnut trees of Corbiche and Marotera
  • Galician chestnut grove protected landscape

Commitment to sustainable tourism

  • The Ambroz Valley was the winner in the EDEN initiative’s Health and Wellness Tourism category (2019), which promotes sustainable tourism development models in the European Union.
  • In terms of habitable biodiversity, this destination stands out for the sustainable management of its magnificent natural and cultural resources.
  • The Otoño Mágico (Magic Autumn) festival in the Ambroz Valley is a Festival of National Tourist Interest organised by the Local Action Group with a significant amount of environmental content. In 2018 it was a finalist in the socio-economic benefits category of the European Natura 2000 Awards.
  • The Ambroz Valley participates in the Ambroz – Cáparra Tourism Sustainability Plan, one of the objectives of which is to establish an environmental sustainability seal in the area.


Cáceres, Extremadura

Further information and contact

Asociación para el Desarrollo Integral del Valle del Ambroz (DIVA)


Ecotourism in the Valle del Ambroz

The exceptional natural treasures of the Ambroz Valley, together with its culture, traditions, cuisine, and tourist attractions, offer a wide range of possibilities to enjoy ecotourism, including guided tours with local companies that allow visitors to discover:

  • the local fauna and flora
  • bike routes and trails through protected areas such as Monte Castañar Gallego, along the Vía Verde de La Plata
  • the Baños de Montemayor reservoir on a canoe trip
  • the starry skies through astrotourism experiences


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