Vol de Coloms – Balloon Flight

Balloon flights in La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park.

A flight in a hot air balloon over La Garrotxa is a unique experience suitable for all ages.

Balloon flights take off early in the morning. The flight lasts between 1 h and 1 h 30 min, and includes cava and coca (typical sponge cake) served during the flight, and a farmers’ breakfast after landing. The whole experience lasts from 7h-8h in the morning until 12h in the afternoon approximately. The departure point is right in the middle of La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park, between Croscat volcano, Santa Margarida volcano and La Fageda d’en Jordà (beech forest). The pleasure of flying placidly among the sleeping volcanoes and the deep forest of la Fageda d’en Jordà. Enjoy from a unique perspective the La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park.

Set of equipment at your service within the resort:

  • Private Parking
  • Restaurant
  • Animals: goats, sheep and a donkey



Vol de Coloms is situated in the region of the Garrotxa, an area with a large collection of natural treasures, among them the Natural Park of Volcanic Zone of the Garrotxa, a vast landscape of 12,000 acres with over forty volcanoes hidden between vegetation, and the Alta Garrotxa, an area of high mountains very quiet Area of Natural Interest declared part of the Natura 2000. In the Natural Park there are 28 walking routes that pass through places of great scenic attraction. Natural Park itineraries connect to the network of trails Itinerànnia, which in turn, can easily walk to any point of the Garrotxa, Ripollès or Alt Empordà. La Garrotxa is also an excellent place to practice cycling and has the Greenway Olot-Girona.


Catalan, Spanish, French and English


The company has baskets with door adapted to access people in wheelchairs and highly recommended for older people.


From 170€ balloon flight/person

Acreditations / Quality Standars

  • European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas
  • Garrotxa and Collsacabra Sustainable Management

Commitment to the conservation of the biodiversity and local development

We offer proximity products at meals.

We prioritize the hiring of people from the territory.

We maintain the environment of the establishment naturally through the grazing of goats and sheep.

The workers of the company are trained and accredited as official guides of the Natural Park of the Volcanic Zone of La Garrotxa.

We have agreements with tourism companies in La Garrotxa to offer packages that include accommodation and activities.

In the tarpaulins of the balloons we promote the territory, the municipalities and the local companies.


Ctra. volcà Croscat, s/n

17811 Santa Pau, La Garrotxa (Girona) Spain


Phone: +34 972 68 02 55

Email: info@voldecoloms.com

Web: www.voldecoloms.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/voldecoloms?fref=ts

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/voldecoloms/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/voldecoloms

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Voldecoloms

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