The volcano soul of Lanzarote

About the destination

Lanzarote is an island of the Canary archipelago known for its black and reddish ground due to its volcanic history. The island has an important variety of wildlife and endemic species, hidden away on its beaches, volcanoes, cliffs, ravines and deserts of sand.

Today, almost 42% of the island surface is protected by different categories of the Canarian Network of Natural Protected Areas and 65% is protected by the Island Management Plan. These include the Timanfaya National Park, or the island of La Graciosa and Northern Islets of Lanzarote (one of the most extensive marine reserves in Europe), to name but a few. 

The residents of Lanzarote are committed to the sustainability of their island and use traditional techniques for agriculture, water or salt harvesting. You will also find a vibrant culture in their festivals, museums and standing heritage.

Ecotourism experiences

A great way to discover Lanzarote is by joining one of the many trekking experiences led by our local hosts. One of them is the route over the Volcanoes Natural Park: an impressive walk between volcanoes and unique landscapes made by lava solidification over past eruptions since the 18th century. You will end up hiking up to the caldera of the volcano.

You can also jump into the sea to experience  another perspective of the island. Join a guided and safe kayak tour along the coast, abrupt coves and quiet beaches of the Los Ajaches Natural Monument. You will have a spectacular view of the different volcanic formations that exist in the Canary Islands. Upon arrival at Playa del Papagayo, you will put on your equipment to do snorkelling and learn about the underwater world and the sea diversity of southern Lanzarote.

For further information and bookings 

You can live this experience together with our local ecotourism host. Please enquire to GenuineSpain on WhatsApp +34 677 658 595 or by email at to check availability and your preferred dates.

This experience is part of the 2022 Ecotourism Escapes Brochure (only in Spanish)

The Ecotourism Club in Spain groups together destinations and companies which guarantee, by fulfilling a series of requirements, their commitment to conservation and local sustainable development.  That is why it has created its own brand “Ecotourist in Spain” and the website, where you can find protected areas, accommodation and companies which offer their tourism services, as well as experiences and activities committed to the preservation of the area in which they take place.


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